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Gobble Poker

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 07:22:35 -0500

Subject: Gobble Poker
From: Gonj
To: poker-night

Dangerhouse Poker Night Midterm

Answers will be provided at the end of the email.

Question 1:  What is Poker Night:
A.  A night when everyone sits in a circle and pokes each other
with a steel rod.
B.  A night when everyone ‘pokes’ somebody else.
C.  A night when money talks, bullshit walks and booze lubricates
the entire mechanism.
D.  A night when the scary people come out.

Question 2:  When and where is Poker Night?
A.  Every Wednesday Night at Dangerhouse
B.  Every Wednesday Night at Next House
C.  Every Wednesday Night at Chuck Vest’s House
D.  There’s a poker night?

Question 3:  Acceptable excuse not to attend Poker Night:
A.  I have too much work.  I need to stay home and tool.
B.  I’m broke…I can’t afford it.
C.  I’m too exhausted.
D.  My mommy told me that only the ‘bad people’ gamble.

Question 4:  You have a broken inside straight.  What do you do:
A.  Fold like a beaten and broken MIT student.
B.  Fake a seizure and when no one is looking take the pot.
C.  Match Blake bet for bet and cry as he busts your sorry ass with
a pair of 2’s.
D.  Light a smoke, kick a beer, go all in and watch everyone else
wither as you clean house with jack and shit.

Question 5:  It’s 12:15…if you leave you can still make the T.  What
do you do?
A.  Run for it because you need to get your beauty sleep.
B.  Stay, but you whine and complain about being stuck there all night.
C.  Fuck it…you only have a final project, two papers and an exam
the next day…what’s a few more hours of drinking and gambling?
D.  Blissfully ignore the fact that it’s 12:15 since you already
lost your watch in the previous hand.

Question 6:  What is Dangerhouse?
A.  A dilapidated shack where some crazy people live.
B.  What’s Dangerhouse?
C.  D-D-D-Dangerhouse?  I’m scared…it sounds like a bad place.
D.  The control center for the 4 Future Rulers of the Galaxy that
is filled with mad science projects, empty beer bottles and hello kitty.

Poker Night:  The Thanksgiving Reprise
Wed Night, Nov 27 9pm

And I don’t want to hear the excuse that ‘I have work/something due/some
inane excuse’ as to why you won’t be there.

0.  Booze…Lots of Booze…after all, you need to stock up for T-Day
1.  T to Davis
2.  XXXXXXX Ave Exit…take a right
3.  Follow XXXXXXX Ave to Rotary of Death
4.  Enter Rotary of Death:  who can move faster on wet snowy roads?  You
or the maniac who doesn’t know how to drive the SUV?
5.  2nd Exit Counterclockwise:  XXXXXX XX.
6.  1st Left on XXXXXXXXX XX.


Dangerhouse Midterm Answers:
A.  uhhh…maybe you should be sitting around a fire singing
B.  hmmmm…interesting…but I don’t want to see you doing that.
D.  well…that’s besides the point
A.  wow!!!  you can read email
B.  uhhhh…you need to get off west campus more often
C.  hmmmm…just don’t expect free beer
D.  it’s nice that you’ve crawled out from under that rock you’ve
been living under
A.  Poor-fucking-baby
B.  How else do you plan to make some money if you don’t play?
C.  Lame-ass
D.  Did your mommy also tell you that the real world is a nice place?
A.  So that’s why you’re still here after 6 years
B.  10 for creativity…1 for stupidity
C.  Hehehehehe…pardon me while I laugh my ass off
D.  Damn straight
A.  Sleep when you’re dead
B.  hmmmm…now where did we put that cattle prod?
C.  mmmmm…procrastination at it’s best
D.  damn…and I thought I was an addict
A.  maybe for certain definitions
B.  HELLO!!!!!!!!
C.  Shhhhh….you weren’t supposed to tell them about the dead
bodies in the basement
D.  …and tonight…WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Add up your score…if it’s above 100 you don’t need to come…if it’s
below 100, you better get to poker night for some extra help.  Did I
mention that each question is worth 1 point?

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