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Revenge of Saturday Morning

To: poker-night
Subject: Revenge of Saturday Morning
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:46:05 -0500
From: Gonda

Po-ker Night!!!…more than meets the eye….
Po-ker Night!!!…lushes in disguise….

Po-ker Night!!!…bouncing here and there and everywhere…

Po-ker Night!!!…a real American Hero!!!
Poker Night is theeerrrreee….

La la, la la la la, la la la la la po-ker night is here…

Da da da da, dat dat, dat dat, dat dat…Da da da da, Daaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
Go go dangerhouse poker night!!!

Poker night is here again, Poker Night is Loose!!!

Poker Night…and the Masters of Dangerhouse…
…fabulous secret powers were revealed to me when I said, “Bet it ALL!!!” and went all in….

Here it comes to save the day!!!
Poker Night is on it’s way!!!

Poker niiiiight….will make our dreams come true…
Poker niiiiight….will do the same for you…

The Dish:
0.  get booze…preferably not something leftover from a saturday morning in the 80’s.
1.  T to Davis
2.  XXXXXXX Ave Exit
3.  Hang a right on XXXXXXX ave
4.  Proceed to Rotary of Death
5.  Can you bounce off of cars?  No?  You mean you didn’t drink your Gummy Berry Juice?
6.  2nd Exit Counter Clockwise onto XXXXXX St.
7.  1st LEFT (see, I learned my ABC’s and Left from Right by watching saturday morning cartoons) on XXXXXXXXX XX.
8.  XX XXXXXXXXX…Apt X…enter brandishing booze, money or costume from your favorite saturday morning cartoon from the 80’s…and I don’t wanna hear no bitchin’ from you youngins’ that you don’t remember saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s.


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