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Show ’em

To: poker-night
Subject: Show ’em
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:37:27 -0500
From: Gonda

I’m really exhausted.  I’m really cranky.  I want to leave this stinking campus since I’ve been here for three days straight now.  Computers suck.  VHDL sucks.  6.111 currently feels a lot like Russian Roulet:  the difference is that at least with Russian Roulet you’re guaranteed a result in at most six tries.

Clearly this means that a break is needed.  Tonight, Dangerhouse, 9pm:  Poker Night.  I’m saying screw 6.111, screw the rest of my classes, sitting down with a bunch of hip mother-fuckers, downing some booze and gambling ’til dawn.


0.  Booze…beer, scotch, grain alcohol:  no caustic, inebriating substance will be turned away.
1.  T to Davis
2.  XXXXXXX Ave Exit
3.  Right on XXXXXXX Ave
4.  Enter Rotary of death:  can you run faster than the cars can get the requisite traction on wet pavement to mow you down?
5.  2nd counter-clockwise exit:  XXXXXX St.
6.  1st left (maybe sleep deprivation cures dyslexia) on XXXXXXXXX.
7.  #XX, Apt X
8.  Chill, drink and gamble.


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