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Poker Night – TONIGHT

Subject: Poker Night – TONIGHT
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 14:15:40 -0400
From: Matt M.

New house, new poker night, same old email. rablerouse, carouse,
gamble, meet the same old new and interesting people, lose some money,
win some money, find god, lose god, elate, depress. Escape your past,
future, and a fair bit of your present. Forget your troubles and your
middle name. Drink. Practice your steely-eyed poker stare.

Poker Night
XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx. #X
first hand 9:30pm
five card draw
texas hold’em

how to get to XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx #X
0. buy beer. take beer, self, attractive friends and enemies onto T.
1. take red line to davis square
2. take the left exit from the T
3. take a right turn onto College Ave. (towards Tufts)
4. walk to Rotary of Death.
5. dodge cars to Xxxxxxx St (2nd counter clockwise from college)
6. duck left onto Xxxxxxxxx
7. walk to the first house completely past the green mailbox on left.
it will have the number 58 on it.
8. walk upstairs.
9. put down beer&friends&enemies, say “Hey y’all”, open beer, play poker.

“Eat, drink, and be merry, for tommorow we die.” Isaiah 22:13

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