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Poker Night

To: poker-night
Subject: Poker Night
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 04:00:46 -0400
From: Gonda

As the sun slowly sets in the west, many a person invokes the name of the Buddha Amida that they may attain perfect happiness in the next life…

Unfortunatley, for these poor souls, the next life is not hand….only the daunting prospects of another week spent toiling and slaving to eke out their existence…

There is however, a hope…amongst the many scores of poor souls, there exists a small, priveleged group…they are the few…they are the honored…

They are the GAMBLERS…so for all you GAMBLERS out there…

Grab the cash, grab the booze, grab the katanas (provided you can throw a deck of 52 cards in the air and slice all of them in half in one shot) and make the pilgrimage to the land of the lost…to DANGERHOUSE

0.  Confucious say:  all persons can attain happiness, but those who bring beer get there faster
1.  Red Line to Davis
2.  XXXXXXXX Ave exit; hang a right
3.  Enter Rotary of Death
3a.  Slice and dice all those foolish enough to try to run you down (you did bring your katana, didn’t you?)
4.  2nd Counter-clockwise exit (XXXXXX st.)
5.  1st left (XXXXXXXXX rd.)
6.  About half way down on left, #XX XXX floor

Going till dawn, everyone is broke or the booze runs out…whichever comes first

PS.  If you don’t know why you’re getting this either you asked or some one else asked for you to be put on the list…and for those of you hiding in the dark who haven’t made it out to a poker night yet…at least you can count on being entertained by a crack headed email once a week.  If you find our wit boring, dull, insulting, <insert descriptor here> email either XXXXXX or XXXXXXXX and we’ll take you off the list…maybe

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