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Poker Night

Subject: Poker Night
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 15:49:16 -0400
From: Matt M.

Since there are a couple of regulars who lose pretty much constantly,
myself in particular, I went ahead and worked out some probabilities
and some real world reference numbers too.

Occurance of hand/event:
straight 0.00394
flush 0.001981
a given canadian dying
this year in an automobile
accident 0.00016
full house 0.001441
a given canadian dying
this year from
heart disease 0.00218
4 of a kind 0.000240
a given canadian dying
this year from cancer 0.0001
a given canadian dying this
year by murder 0.00002515
straight flush 0.00015
royal flush 0.000002

What can we conclude from this? That everytime you are dealt a
flush, a given canadian dies. So increase your life span in
the short term, come to castlevania, drink PBR, smoke cigarettes,
and stay away from canada for God’s sake. Last week, someone even
lost every cent they owned. Now that’s gambling.

9pm first hand, 5 card draw, nothing wild, (XX Electric Ave), quarter
ante, etc, etc.

And, I mention by request: Bring women because we don’t take American


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