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Castlevania Poker Night

Subject: Castlevania Poker Night
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 11:02:29 -0400
From: Matt M.

With the sucess of the T advertising campagin “Es tu turno. Escapte” in
seperating a segment of the poor from their money, we suggest Foxwoods
consider the equally effective slogans:

“Esto tu turno. Explote a los latinos.”

“Ellos tomaron su tierra tambien y aun no le dieron un casino.”

What people don’t realize here is this is part of a massive government plot
to create an army of special agents incapable of reasoning about the
low probability of their survival in the next world war. All they’ll think
is “Win big.” And with a highly trained cadre of spanish speakers brought
in with this advertising campaign, the fall of mexico cannot be far. And
then Canada and France. We have slogans to suggest for that too, like,
“Mineux un fanatique jouant que francais.”

So why gamble on the apocalypse. Come organize the resistance, understand
low probabilities, drink PBR, and make or lose a fortune in quarters at
the next:

Castlevania Poker Night
Tuesday (that’s tonight, folks)
first hand at 9pm
five card draw
XX Electric Ave.

It’s like gamblers anonymous, but you already know everyone’s name.

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