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Widget Goes to Pokernight, Slightly after 9pm

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 22:57:43 -0500
Subject: Widget Goes to Pokernight, Slightly after 9pm
From: Chris V.
To: poker-night

Widget was a Happy Worker.
He made Cogs of the Highest Quality for Sprocket Inc.
Widget had a Good Life.

One Day Widget set about making the most Challenging Widget he’d Ever been Assigned.
He sat at his desk Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.
Until he Realized how to Make his Cog!
He Quickly produced the Finest Cog that the World had Ever Seen!

Widget was Elated.
He told his Boss Right Away!
His Boss told him that he had done a Good Job! And to Keep Up the Good Work!
Widget went Home and Celebrated with a Bottle of Whiskey.

The Next Day Widget went to Work and found that his Desk had been Cleaned Out.
Widget had made the Greatest Cog of his Career.
The One that Replaced Him.

So Widget said “Fuck It!” and went to

XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx
In the Familiar Somerville Town.

To Catch the First Hand at 9, which was Quite a While Ago.

But he Stopped and Got Beer and Liquor First.

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