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The Most Dangerous Philosophical Discourse of Modern Times upon the Subjects of Gin, The Universe and Poker

Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 19:42:34 -0400
From: Gonj
To: poker-night
Subject: The Most Dangerous Philosophical Discourse of Modern Times upon the
Subjects of Gin, The Universe and Poker

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Dangerhouse Philosophical Salon…

Withing these hallowed halls of knowledge and learning, you will be able
to find experts aplenty who can provide answers to all the questions of
life, the universe, and everything…

On this fine evening one may expect to find our resident mad roboticist
holding a delightful session in the library covering wide ranging
topics from the color of the sky, to the nature of life, five easy steps
to world domination, or perhaps the shortest path between any two points
in time…(gin is a key ingredient in the last of these)….audience
participation at one’s own risk…

Elsewhere in our historic establishment, the good doctor will be
educating the poor unwashed masses in the arts of procrastination,
employable unemployment, the existential nature of the gimlet, and last,
but certainly not least, his five step journey to enlightenment while
sustaining his body and mind solely on the rich nectar of sleepless
nights and gin induced stupors….

And finally, our carnivorous, fire roasting, drink-making curmudgeon
will provide exquisite drinks from the farthest corners of the earth
that are guaranteed to provide revelations aplenty on the morrow while
at the same time dishing out nuggets o’ jadedness, whispers o’ deafening
volumes, as well as being a good-natured pain in the ass to any
foolishness enough to stumble by…

Our esteemed faculty have assembled after combing the far corners of the
globe and we heartily hope one and all can make the journey to listen
and acquire knowledge that until now had been presumed lost to the bleak
corners of history….

Our evening’s activities will be commencing with the first session
beginning at 9p and will most assuredly continue until all comers have
passed out, been driven to most dastardly beast that is the T, or until
the gin has run dry….

A Night of Dangerous Talk, Veiled Mystery…oh yeah, and maybe a few
hands of poker for those not up to high scholarly pursuits this evening
At Dangerhouse…XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx #X…

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