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It Starts With Poker Night

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: It Starts With Poker Night
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 20:16:12 -0400

Usually there will be a few people who can see them. These people
will often be made fun of if they talk about it. They will be called
crazy. If they post pictures of them on the internet they will be
accused of being frauds. They make take their friends out to see the
strange objects in the sky but their friends will not be able to see
them. They can take pictures right then and there and when their
friends look at the digital images they will be accused of some kind
of digital trickery.

Most people who can see the strange crafts in the sky just keep quite
about it. Some even convince themselves that they didn’t see
anything out of the ordinary. Didn’t “see,” exactly. Maybe they
hadn’t been getting enough sleep, or had been taking too many drugs,
or were exhausted from having sex with too many super models and were
a little out of their heads that day when the giant craft appeared
hovering completely silently 20 meters over their heads, sunlight
flickering through the elaborate starburst and circles shape of the
thing as it ever so slowly passed above them and then suddenly
filcked out of existence.

Of course it could be those pictures on the internet, could be that
their heads had been filled with nonsense images and their fool
daydreaming brains had wandered off and come up with what such a damn
thing would be like and fed it right back into the visual cortex,
yes, that’s it, nothing but a daydream, just casual speculation from
a brain gone soft and silly in the mild summer sun.

Now, those who do talk, they will inspire a few more to actually go
and look for the strange craft. The more that look, the more that
will see, and eventually, perhaps, the scientists will be brought in
and the scientific method will be applied and the public can get
outraged that their tax dollars are being spent on frivolous tasks
like trying to figure out why dozens of new people every month are
outright claiming to see alien spaceships in broad daylight when
there’s a damn war and damn missiles and guns to be built and bought
and what the hell, is that research scientist’s last name “Muhamed?!”

And the way this will make it into the evening news will be in the
form of an expose on government spending and experts will be brought
in to explain that with Photoshop you can really make an image of
just about whatever you want to and even before photoshop it wasn’t
outright impossible to create pictures that were of things that were
not really real and other experts who will tell the American Public
firmly that There Are No Aliens because it goes against the Bible and
yes that’s why and an expert psychologist will be brought in to
explain how increased exposure to Internets has caused several such
cases of shared delusional experiences (all your base = funny) and
besides it’s all a freaked out advertising campaign and these people
should honestly be thanking god that no one called the bomb squad on
them because That’s The Kind Of Thing That Can Happen if you act in
such unresponsible ways.

There will be support groups. There already are. For those who can
see the strange crafts in the sky. You are not alone. If you have
seen something strange in the sky and you’re afraid to talk about
please join us tonight at pokernight. We’ve been looking for those
bastards for years.

“first hand at nine”
XX xxxxxxxxx xx. #X somerville

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