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the one million ducks of pokernight

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: the one million ducks of pokernight
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 19:59:14 -0400

The one million ducks of pokernight is a story about one million
ducks whose lives were forever changed one fateful pokernight.

The one million ducks of pokernight were created by Zombie Jesus on
the fifth Thursday of the fifth month of the fifth year after Zombie
Jesus II: The Wrath of Zombie Jesus, which was actually the year
2002, not the year 2000 so many religious zealots thought it was, and
not the year 2001 like so many pedantic numerologists and want to be
intellectuals liked to point out that it ought to be. Zombie Jesus
got really stoned one afternoon, yesterday afternoon, and he was
walking through Boston Common and saw that sculpture of the baby
ducklings following the mother duck that all the tourists think their
children will love but actually the baby ducks fill the children with
terror which causes them to wet their beds until they are seven and
all their friends in the second grade call them so-and-so pee-pee
pants well until the fourth grade.

So anyway Zombie Jesus got it into his stoned out of his gourd head
that it would be really awesome to bring one million ducks into
existence just in time for pokernight. Thus, since he was the Zombie
son of god, Zombie Jesus did just that. Well, first he got a foot
long meatball sub and then he played some wii and then he took a
nap. Then it was Thursday, and that was perfect.

For it was pokernight.
first hand at nine.

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