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The wonderful joys of commuting pokernight

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: The wonderful joys of commuting pokernight
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 18:02:27 -0400

You might be thinking to yourself, “gee, how could anything that
sounds so much like ‘communism’ be an unpleasant experience for the
working man?!”

Let me tell you.

Imagine being locking inside a big metal box full of seats with
slightly less leg room than the ones that you typically find on a
commercial aircraft in the coach section. In fact, picture one of
those short busses that they use to move the special kids around in
public school systems. Now imagine that you have to sit in one of
these seats, surrounded by strangers. Now, of course this bus
doesn’t have any kind of suspension on it, so every time the drive
screeches to a halt and passes over a speed bump in some corporate
wasteland of parking lot your laptop flies about six inches off your
lap. The only thing worse is when the bus is tearing down the road
at speeds approaching 15 miles an hour, when the whole bus shakes so
much that your fingers become like portals for dead grandparents to
type their haunting emails through as they press keys seemingly at
random, your laptop pressing into them as much as they press into
it. This message would have a very different tone indeed if I were
not so fast with the delete key.

Luckily, the bus spends much of its time in a resting state,
otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to type anything at all. The
seasoned veterans have all given up on any such productive ventures
while on the bus. Surely only a novice or a fool would risk opening
their laptop on a hell ride like this, where even reading a book is a
bit dicy if you’re the type who easily succumbs to motion sickness or
the type who likes to read the words in order.

There you go. Unfunniest pokernight email ever.

you know the rest.

(pokernight tonight dangerhouse “first hand at nine”)

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