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Poker Night of the Forgotten Youth

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 18:46:26 -0400
From: gonj
To: poker-night
Subject: Poker Night of the Forgotten Youth

hmmmmmm…time for the poker night email….should we go with biting and
vicious?…poetic and eloquent?….satirical and witty?…bah, fuck it.
So, it’s Thursday, as like every Thursday before it’s poker night….I
could expound upon the beauty of the universe, the giant killer robots,
the megalomaniacal alien dictators…..but…fuck it. I know that there
are a lot of you on this list who don’t come out to play….”oh”, you
say, “I too busy, hosed, etc etc etc”….well, guess what folks…it’s
time to jump in the time machine and journey back to those glorious care
free days of school where you said fuck responsibility, stayed up ’til
dawn drinking and hung with great people….soooo….

Poker Night of the Forgotten Youth!!!

Dangerhouse, 9pm….

Beer, vino and harder stuff is the lubricant of the gods so bring
some…or just roll the dice and go with what’s here

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