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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 18:54:34 -0400
From: Gonj
To: poker-night
Subject: Bringing the Weather of the World to You

Almost 70 degrees in March? In Boston? What the hell is this world
coming to…but don’t worry folks, because yes, you have been living in
a delusional state for the past week. As of Friday, the outlook call
cold, wet and depressing with a chance of blizzard, earthquake and
tsunami thrown in for the weekend. You see, we here at the Dangerhouse
Weather Service believe strongly that no one has the right to know what
the weather will be. Tomorrow morning, you’ll look outside and it will
be bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. You’ll think that this
can’t be right and stick your hand out the window just to verify that if you
wear a pair of shorts and T-shirt and punt that disgustingly warm winter
coat all will be well…and it will be…until you get to about halfway
to where you need to go. You see, at this point I newly designed
Personal Weather Destroyer Mk II (patents pending) will locate you as
enjoy a beautiful day, proceed to analyze your activities and then
proceed to make the weather the absolute worst it could possibly be for
your plans. We here at the Dangerhouse Weather Service firmly believe
that if we are going to be cold/miserable/depressed/happy/sweltering etc
etc etc, then the rest of the world is not only entitled, but must
suffer the same kind of weather related havoc. As a special bonus offer
for those of you that sign up right away, a ‘thank you’ gathering will
be occurring this miserably wet evening at our corporate headquarters
located at XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx #X, Somerville. It is advised that you
arrive for the first round of goodies, which will begin promptly at 9p.
Failure to do so will result in us sending a Personal Weather
Destroyer out searching just for you. Thanks, and have a nice^h^h^h^h
shitty day.

Poker Night of Atmospheric Misery
First Hand at 9p


-The Dangerhouse Weather Service Staff

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