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Death to Pokernight

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: Death to Pokernight
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 19:54:16 -0500

Never fuck a stranger in the ass. That’s what they say. Just don’t
do it. Keep your penis out of the rectums of people you don’t know.
They might not like it. You might not like it. Maybe you think at
first that you will, but then it turns out that you don’t. Of
course, maybe the stranger is hot, and you like to fuck people who
are hot in the ass, and maybe they like to be fucked in the ass, but
usually that’s the sort of thing you want to be sure of before you go
ahead and whip it out and stick it in. Most people are not
comfortable asking strangers questions like, “excuse me, but do you
like to be fucked in the ass by people you do not know?” Usually
there is an entire process of working up to the question, “do you
like to be fucked in the ass.” Usually it starts with questions
like, “hey baby what’s your sign,” or “do you like robots.” Often by
the time you get around to asking about the anal sex thing you are,
if not good friends, at least casual acquaintances with the person.

In a lot of ways the question is very similar to the question,
“pardon me, but would you like to buy a house in the suburbs with me
and have lots of babies who we will raise to believe the grossly
inaccurate truths about the universe that my parents told me when I
was too young to know any better?”

And sometimes even, “beg your pardon, but do you like French cinema?”

But then again, watching French cinema is probably best done in a
room full of people who don’t know you. Fewer social consequences
that way. But then the film ends and you leave without saying a word
to any of those other francophiles and you never see them again until
next weekend in the same dark theatre.

Hard to pull that sort of relationship off with the kids and the
house in the suburb. It’s not like you can just go to the suburb and
find the first house with just one adult in it, move yourself in and
start making babies with the person without even asking them their
name. Legal implications. Birth records and such. Plus, you can
save a bit on your taxes if you get some paperwork done. When its
all over I suppose you can just move out, go back to the city, never
speak to the person again. That’s true enough. And maybe you never
really have to know anything about them, except for their name, for
tax purposes.

And maybe people do practice successful fucking of the asses of
strangers. You know, maybe there are like, ass fucking clubs or
something like that. Secret doorways in the most popular bars. That
sort of thing. Public restrooms marked with an x on a map on some

So what we’ve learned here is that you shouldn’t listen when people
tell you never to do something. Probably they haven’t really
considered all the possibilities. Then again, instead of spending
this fine evening searching for anonymous anal sex, why not come to
Pokernight instead? It’s almost nothing like anonymous anal sex, but
you might like it anyway.

“first hand at nine!


XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx. #X
Somerville, MA

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