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To: poker-night
cc: alien
Subject: (09:00 PM) poker night: dangerhouse
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 18:48:00 -0500
From: alien

(06:36:47 PM) bl4yk: oh my god do I have to write a poker night email?
(06:40:09 PM) alien: you could take a quote from a book
(06:40:16 PM) alien: and tack on “first hand at nine”
(06:40:30 PM) alien: or you could just copy and paste our IM conversation and email it out
(06:40:31 PM) bl4yk: is that a “yes”
(06:40:40 PM) alien: maybe starting with the bit about the cow
(06:40:47 PM) bl4yk: the cow?
(06:40:51 PM) alien: well, i advocate plagarizing
(06:40:55 PM) alien: the methane cow
(06:41:05 PM) alien: did you know that just one cow gives off enough harmful methane gas in a single day to fill around 400 litre bottles !!!
(06:41:08 PM) bl4yk: I don’t remember any cow
(06:41:09 PM) alien: that one
(06:41:20 PM) alien: my network was flaky. maybe it dropped the connection.
(06:41:28 PM) alien: want me to write the poker night mail for you?
(06:41:31 PM) bl4yk: why not just say that it puts out more than 400 liters of methane?
(06:41:45 PM) bl4yk: that’s not even a kiloliter
(06:41:55 PM) bl4yk: yes please
(06:42:17 PM) bl4yk: and who’s going to sit around all day filling one liter bottles from a cow’s butt, anyway?
(06:42:17 PM) alien: you know. so people can relate to it easier. people can say, wow. i only drank 300 litres of coke last year, and here this one cow puts out 400 litres of methane a day!
(06:42:21 PM) alien: crazy
(06:42:23 PM) alien: ok, i will
(06:42:56 PM) bl4yk: it’s like the question the question machine asks, “is it heavier than a pound of butter”
(06:43:22 PM) bl4yk: it’s important not to make things too easy
(06:43:34 PM) bl4yk: people should be able to come up with their own abstractions
(06:43:37 PM) bl4yk: and representations
(06:43:43 PM) alien: of cows having gas?

poker night
first hand at nine
dangerhouse, XX xxxxxxxxx xx, apt #X, somerville

LOL! 😉 😉 !!!

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