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A Very Dangerhaus Thanksgiving

Date: Sat Nov 23 01:47:16 2002
To: dangerhouse
From: Dangerhaus
Subject: A Very Dangerhaus Thanksgiving
Cc: pokernight

Day in and day out you find yourself surrounded by flesh eating insects, hounded by militant lesbian robots, unable to escape the psychic grasp of otherworldly god like beings who threaten our very plane of existence, and yet, somehow, you have survived.  Many of our friends and comrades have fallen, victims of the second rate parachutes that are all too common in third world air force fighter jets these days, giant shark attacks in the South Pacific, and alien abductors disguised as prostitutes on the East side of Las Vegas (to name a few).  These are difficult times we live in, and it is important in this endless battle against the forces of evil to take the time to celebrate our many victories, and the fact that so many of us have made it this far sustaining only minor psychic and cosmetic damage.

To this end, The League of Superfluous Characters invites you all to Dangerhaus for a feast of celebration traditionally known in some parts of North America as “Thanksgiving”.  There will be a large roasted avian, a variety of cooked botanicals, and other edible delicacies.

The feast will begin at 3:00 PM this Thursday, November the 28.  Please let us know if you will be able to make it so we know how many birds we’re going to have to kill.  You are encouraged to bring consumables to share.  Elixir of life is especially desirable.

Send your confirmation to dangerhouse@XXX.XXX

Dangerhaus is:

XX XXXXXXXXX XX. #X, Somerville.


Go to favourite Elixir Emporium.  Acquire Elixir.  Take the Red Line to Davis Square.  Exit to XXXXXXX Ave.  Turn right onto XXXXXXX Ave.  Walk all the way down to XXXXXXXXXXX Roundabout (beware of robots).  Blast your way across three paths of asphalt to the left side of XXXXXX Street.  Walk away from the twisted metal carnage of the XXXXXXXXXXX Roundabout nonchalantly until you come to XXXXXXXXX Road (the first road you will encounter).  Turn left onto XXXXXXXXX.  You will come to the bottom of a shallow valley and you shall know your voyage is nearly complete.  Look for the green house with the number “XX” on it.  Walk in, but beware!  Be cautious of the illusionary door that appears to your left.  Only the chosen ones can cross between the realm on the other side of that door and then return.  No, go but straight ahead.  If the door is not open then knock upon it loudly, or press the button near the door on the left.

Good luck.

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