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Sometimes in order to save the planet, you have to destroy the planet

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: Sometimes in order to save the planet, you have to destroy the planet pokernight.
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 19:18:44 -0500

If it’s true what they say that sometimes in order to save the planet
you have to destroy the planet then I think it’s a good thing we’re
all trying to hard to keep the fire blazing in the heart of the vast
machine we call our civilization for once it has all been burned
burned burned to the ground new life can spring from the ashes and
when the same old sun finally pokes its way through the hazy
atmosphere its powerful ultraviolet radiation no longer hindered by
that pesky layer of ozone an exciting new dawn will once again shed
its light upon the beauty of the planet Earth, stark and bare, clean
as a whistle and sanitized too, no war, no traffic congestion, no
pesky meteorologists making bogus claims about the chances of rain,
no airplanes or snot nosed children making loud fart noises in the
local Denny’s in the booth across from yours; the world will finally
experience the peace we’ve all been clamoring for. Imagine the
gentle waves of salty ocean waters with a pH so low it has become an
acid which has dissolved all of the garbage thrown into it by man,
along with all the shells and exoskeletons of its watery inhabitants,
lapping up onto the pristine bleached white beaches of antarctica or
Montana, all that man kind had ever done or said forgotten, torn up
and returned to the Earth by decades of earthquakes and hurricanes,
acid rains and tornadoes.

But don’t you worry your pretty little soul. Jesus will have
returned and taken all of the true believers up to heaven way before
anything bad happens to us humans.

It is up to us to prepare this planet for the next round of
creation. God is counting on it.

God will also bring you lots of good luck.






which is at

XX Xxxxxxxxx Xx. #X



“first hand at nine”

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