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Also Don’t Forget Poker Night

From: Blake
Subject: Also Don’t Forget Poker Night
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 00:39:40 -0500
To: poker-night

Be sure to clean thoroughly behind the ears, as all manner of unpleasant
germs can grow back there if the area is left unattended. Behind the
ear germs in the state of Minnesota have been developing into clusters
of multi-celled organizations with inter-cellular communication via
electric impulse. This phenomenon is currently being studied on very
dirty rabbits, the large ears on which scientists at the Minneapolis
Municipal Scientific Research Center suppose will make studying these
“smart germs” easier. Also, 9 out of 10 modern female scientist prefer
to work with rabbits rather than rats because rabbits are cuter. And
also the rats make them think of men — men with dirty ears and
advanced science degrees who tell them that they will never become the
top scientist in their field because of the emotional bonds women tend
to form with other living things, like those smart germs that have been
growing behind people’s ears in midwest cities like Minneapolis where
people have always sort of talked funny so nobody really noticed until
the infection had become an epidemic, largely also to do with the local
population’s ear rubbing fetish, which became very popular just around
the time the first smart germs started showing up. A scientist who
prefers to go unnamed has pointed out that the smart germs release a
delicious aphrodisiac when moistened.

What is still unknown is exactly how strong the smart germs mind
control actually is. It is certainly obvious to anyone who has been to
Minneapolis lately that those affected by the germs do not behave as
rational human adults. Take as evidence the marked rise in adult video
sales in the twin cities metropolitan area, the increased popularity of
the Minnesota cheezeball and pickled white fish, the new law that lets
bars in Minneapolis stay open late, and the recent election of an
openly gay female alien with a skin condition as mayor.

Isolated cases have been turning up in hospitals around the globe, and
this country’s recent election causes many arrogant scientists to
believe it may be more widespread outside of the state of Minnesota
than was previously thought.

If you suspect that you or someone you love has been exposed to the
mind control behind the ear germ, rinse the area with copious amounts
of red # 7 and report to a special examination and information session

Poker Night!



“first hand at nine”

dangerhouse is XX XXXXXXXXX XX number XXX in perfectly ordinary
somerville MA.

Also ask about our Very Dangerous Thanksgiving III, for the orphans and
runaways out there who want nothing more out of the holiday than to
spend it consuming hedonistic portions of thanksgivingy food and the
all important bloody marys, gin and tonix, and what have you, with
their most dangerous friends and handsomest enemies. If you’re going
to be around let us know. If you’d like to bring food and or drink
that is great, but not required. The feast will be followed by Poker
Night, and maybe more.

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