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Probably it’s Poker Night

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 18:51:20 -0400
From: blake
To: poker-night
Subject: Probably it’s Poker Night

If you’ve been watching carefully, you know that it’s been a very busy
month for me, personally, Blake Brasher. I’ve had to cancel or postpone
three dates this week alone it’s gotten so bad. Robots, art projects,
board meetings, and financial planners. Eleven hour field trips.
Hardly enough time for drinking and smoking, which is why I’ve mostly
quit smoking, in order to concentrate more on the drinking. And always
with the co-workers pressuring me to go out to the bar and the room
mates pestering me about why the poker night invitation hasn’t gone out
yet and are we actually having a party this weekend or not?

And all I ask is that you lazy ass bitches come to my house and drink my
beer or perhaps the beer that you bring and come with some money and
loose it all to me or perhaps win all of my money and we’ll all get
shitty drunk and start singing sea shanties and the aliens will come and
party with us because we’re awesome and then probably something terrible
will happen like Zoz will finally loose it and blow the house up.

Poker Night!


First hand at nine!



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