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New Atomic PokerNight removes stains fast!

To: poker-night
From: Blake
Subject: New Atomic PokerNight removes stains fast!
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:06:05 -0400

A long time ago in a land far far away there were some magic dinosaurs.
They ate ducks and stuff. Also, they liked to party. One time, they
partied so much that they all took off their cloths and danced around a
big old pile of stuff that was on fire, mostly wood. It was a lot of
fun, but then they all died from having too much fun. Then, while they
weren’t looking, the robots from across the river came and stole all of
their clothing. That’s why you always see pictures of dinosaurs naked,
because the robots were the ones with the cameras.

So if you’re searching for meaning in your life, or actually, no, if
your life is so damn chock full of meaning you just don’t know what to
do with it all, why not come to Poker Night tonight and loose a lot of
money and get yourself a bit intoxicated and maybe get lucky with a
naked dinosaur or possibly a robot.

Jesus said it was a good idea.

Also, lots of people like it when you bring cold ones.

so don’t forget:

Poker Night!


at DangerHouse!

“first hand at nine”

this one should be a good one.

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