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kiss and tell poker night

To: poker-night
From: Blake
Subject: kiss and tell poker night
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 20:35:59 -0400

Jamie went down to the river one day, a fine sunny mid-August Thursday,
let’s say.  Why the weather was so hot and the sun was beating down
ever so fiercely and that cool sparkling water just looked so inviting
that Jamie couldn’t help but strip down to her skivvies and jump right
in for a good old fashioned skinny dip.  Well, wouldn’t you know it but
that dang old raccoon had followed Jamie down from the tenement bloc
and that old rascal!  He done stole all of Jamie’s clothes!  And her
wallet!  And her emergency contraceptive!  But that Jamie, she didn’t
care, you see.  Jamie didn’t care one lick because just before she
decided she’d had enough skinny dipping Jamie done got ate up by a
shark.  One of them river sharks.

And that, friends, is why Jamie will not be attending





“first hand at nine”

DangerHouse is
Pirate infested Somerville, MA

oooh OoOh!  We gots no quaters!

OOOH ohhh!  We gots some PBR!

OoOoO!  We gots a new deck o’ cards!

and the flu.

whoa-oooha!  oooha ohhh.

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