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A Public Service Announcement…

Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 08:07:16 -040
Subject: A Public Service Announcement…
From: Gonj
To: poker-night

…Brought to you by the EECS cheepskates who run 6.111…

It was a dark and dreary day as the tired, grumpy, hungry student
stared out the window…just as he was about to give up all hope he had
a vision of Stateman, lord of the fsms:

thursday thru tuesday:  wake up…slog through work…be bitter and
cynical at the world…go to bed to prepare for shitty day
wednesday:  wake up…slog through work…be bitter and cynical at the
world…get lots of beer…get some money…play poker….don’t give a
shit about thursday until you are dealing with the hangover that has
caused you to oversleep and be late for work.

Poker Night at Dangerhouse
9p until either everyone is broke, the beer is gone or the sun comes
up…whichever comes first


0.  mmmmmmmmm….beer.
1.  T to Davis
2.  Go out XXXXXXX Ave Exit
3.  Take a right onto XXXXXXX Ave
4.  Enter rotary of death and if you feel lucky, play in traffic
5.  2nd exit going counterclockwise (XXXXXX St.)
6.  Immediate left onto XXXXXXXXX Rd.
7.  XX XXXXXXXXX XX Apt X…enter boldly brandishing beer and handful
o’ money

gonj, matt, hilda, and blake

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