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Funny Animals Tell Their Dirtiest Secrets Poker Night

To: poker-night
From: Blake
Subject: Funny Animals Tell Their Dirtiest Secrets Poker Night
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 20:03:57 -0400

When I was a lemur, lemurs would talk to me.  They had such great
stories about being lemurs.  They were all like, “hey, this one time, I
was a lemur, and it was sooo cool!” and then I’d say, “Hey!  You’re
still a lemur!”  and we’d have a big old laugh.  But then, a giant
gorilla came and ate up all the other lemurs, and then it wasn’t any
fun to be a lemur any more.

It was just sad, really.

But then I was a clownfish, and all the other clownfish would talk to
me.  They’d be all like, “Hey!  Let’s go swimming in the ocean!” and
I’d be like, “hey!  we’re already swimming in the ocean!” and then
they’d be like, “Hey, let’s go rub ourselves up against an anemone!”
and I’d be all like, “we’ve been doing that for the past twelve hours
straight!”  and then they’d be like, “how come you’re always so
negative” and “I need my personal space” and “maybe we should just be
friends” and so I was like, “whatever”.

Also sad.

But when I was an ant, I ate the most sugar of all the ants, and the
queen ant gave me a prize!

The prize was sugar.

There is a toothbrush in my pencil holder.

for real.

Hey hey!  It’s Pokernight!



you home and mine


which is



Somerville, home of Bon Jovi.

And Prince.

And that drummer from Def Leopard who’s only got one arm.

“First hand at nine.”

Bring intoxicating substances.



et cetra

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