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DangerFeast and Poker Night

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 12:25:16 -0500
Subject: DangerFeast and Poker Night
From: blake
To: poker-night

A reminder for those of you with brain defects which don’t allow you to
remember things for more than 24 hours:

Regretting that mad killing spree you went on last thanksgiving that
resulted in you getting a huge old house all to yourself and a sweet
late model BMW, but means no family to cook for you?  Thinking of
crashing one of those basement of some dorm thanksgiving feasts*?  Were
you planing on making your own damn turkey but then you stayed up all
night drinking and didn’t wake up until just now and shit the turkey’s
still frozen and it’ll take at least twelve hours to cook it?

Good news everyone!  The turkey is in the oven!  Been in there for a
good three and a half hours now, and it should be ready in time for:

A Very Dangerous Thanksgiving II

Which you are all invited to.

And then Poker Night.


Bloody Marys

drunken monkey knife fights


(really, there will be food.  come eat)

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