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Gamble Gamble Gamble

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 12:29:16 -0500
Subject: Gamble Gamble Gamble
From: blake
To: poker-night

Friends, there is a holiday upon us.  One by way of its very nature
involves bingeing to the first degree.  Yes, that’s right, tomorrow is
Hedonism Day, the one day of the year, perhaps other than Robot
Christmas, where heros and supervillains can set aside their
differences over a gigantic pile of roasted bird and pitchers full of
bloody mary.  Hedonism Day is a day when a robot can challenge an alien
to a drinking contest without having to worry about being salvaged for
their energy matrix.  Children can play with dogs and only occasionally
be eaten, and Catholic priests find themselves attracted to older women.

Ah, a very special day indeed.  The one day of the year when hedonism
triumphs over all.  And were better to spend your Hedonism Day than at
DangerHaus, where we have hedonism down to a science.  We’ll be cooking
up one of those giant native fowl and a big old chunk of pig, and we’ll
have a variety of dishes made from plant life to satiate the militant
vegetarians among you.  Come lounge on our couch and have dry martinis
brought to you by our harem-bots while being fed grapes off the stem by
a drunken monkey.

Then, when you’re so stuffed full of meat and gin you can’t feel your
feet, when you think that life can’t get any better and you’re thinking
of offing yourself right then and there to prove it, Another DangerHaus
Tradition Awaits!  Yes, Friends, Tomorrow is Also Poker Night!  Let me
explain to some of you who may be confused.  I know, you’re saying,
“how is it possible to have two events at the same place on the SAME
DAY?”  But listen, the DangerThanksgiving (which is what the committee
decided to call our Hedonism Day Feast) will start around 3:00 in the
afternoon.  The DangerDiningRoom Table will be filled with delicious
meat (and cooked plant life) at that time and all your favouite people
will show up to gorge themselves.  Then, Six Hours Later, when the
volume of food will have decreased in volume by about 50%, it will all
be relocated to the DangerKitchen Table or the DangerControlCenter
Tables.  The DangerDiningRoom Table will be quickly flipped into Poker
Mode, and we’ll be raring to go.

So what do you have to do?  Just bring your fat self over to DangerHaus
sometime between three and midnight.  Want to help out?  Let’s talk.

For the People Who Expect to Find Short Concise Summaries of Long
Emails at the End  of Said Emails Written Entirely in Caps:


For the forgetfuls and the clueless:

DangerHaus is XX XXXXXXXXX XX. #X in beautiful Somerville, MA.
From Davis, take XXXXXXX XXX to the XXXXXXXXX Rotary.
Exit XXXXXX St. off of Rotary.
XXXXXXXXX XX. is first left on XXXXXX.

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