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Poker Night Tonight!

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:26:37 -0400
Subject: Poker Night Tonight!
From: blake
To: poker-night

Has something about the world been bothering you recently?  As I’m sure
of you have already heard, our roommate and poker-night founder Matt
passed away last week while in San Francisco.   For hours we had
plagiarized early 20th century American authors, arguing up to the last
confines of logic and turning once more to the comforting resolve of
violence about who would emerge victorious in an unarmed battle to the
death between Fitzgerald and Hemingway and reddening many reams of
paper with our childish scribbles drawn in our own blood, endless
flowcharts and axonometric diagrams.

Now don’t be forgetting your old pals at DangerHaus once you start
pulling in the mad cash.  Remember all those nights when you found
yourself stumbling through the streets of Somerville, lost and
confused, unable to focus your extremely dilated eyes on even the most
attractive Catholic School Girls?  There is this squirrel that has been
coming into my room at night recently.  Sometimes I wake up in the
middle of the night and find him reorganizing my CDs or putting curlers
in my hair.  Our secret mission, though, is to find the holy spirit,
subdue it, and bring it in for questioning.  I like this dream because
I can also fly, and I can shoot lasers out of my eyes.

Naturally, DangerChrist works in mysterious ways. So no sooner than I
had hit upon this Highly Clever and Desperate Plan to avert our
long-term constant impending doom, than DangerChrist, through his
faithful Verizon, brought down the sheer force of God unto our
telephone.  Some coins have mystical powers.

What happens, in a hundred or two hundred years, when the historians
are writing the chapter about DangerHaus in the school children’s
textbooks, and they ask me about that hip new cocaine addiction never
really caught on?  Most of you have been speding your Thursdays
posessed by your sex crazed homocidal knife collecting alter egos,
around town fucking anything you can sink your six inch blade into over
and over
again, untill what once was firm flesh becomes an oozing mass, like
cheese mixed into red wine, stabbing and stabbing, up-down up-down
in-out in-out in-out untill the barrier between the two is lost.

We will be showcasing all of these products, plus our classics (The
Black Velvet Noose, The Crazy Blender, The Electric Ducky, and more!)

So um… Why did the aborted nazi fetalbot cross the road? To get to
the gin, whiskey, guns, women, and hopeless depression. And of course

Poker Night
First Hand is at 9pm EST.
Davis square.

Sorry about the clip episode.  Bring alcohol.

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