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No Subject (With help from Geeta)

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 05:21:03 -0400
From: blake
To: poker-night

So Geeta was supposed to write this invite.  She asked if she could.
But she feels tormented by it, she says the Poker Night email is like
life (in that it torments her).  Well, she’s laying on the couch next
to me now, we’re writing it together you see.  She suggests that I
mention that Noah will be here (Neovoxer–I almost wrote Noahvoxer–is
over now).  Ah, so now, Noah, if you bother to read these messages
anymore, you know that you have a certain obligation that goes beyond
whatever cash and prizes those Neovoxer kids were offering.  Hell,
bring them along.  I mean, I know they don’t have much to bet with
(unless they do), but we’ll still take them for whatever they have
(that means you, Mike).

In other exciting Poker related news, the gods of Harvard square have
smiled on me, in a manner of speaking, and the Poker night bank is
beginning to resemble is former glory.  Now, I, of course, would rather
each of those quarters had been dollars, and secretly spit upon the
souls of every god damn person who thinks I’m some kind of twenty five
cent street slut, but Poker Night gains from my losses, and I plan as
well to gain from you losses so in the end those cheap bastards aren’t
all that bad after all.  Let us just say, the bank is about 180% as
large as last time, and that’s assuming I don’t find time to separate
more proles from their money before the festivities begin.

Now, I’m betting, or hoping, that a lot of you have no idea what the
hell that last paragraph was about, aside from more quarters being
available for purchase.  That’s all you really need to know.  And to my
fans out there:  I do love you, for each and every quarter.  It’s
really just the pennies I hate.  I’m putting the nickels and dimes
towards a new iBook.  The quarters go to Poker Night.  Pennies just
take up space.

Right.  Relevancy.  We managed to pick up an air conditioner off of
reuse.  Geeta and I just plugged it in to see if it worked.  It caused
the Danger PC to die, but produces cold, cold air.  With our best
drunken math skillz, we figure it eats about three kilowatt hours every
two hours.  We’re probably wrong, though, ’cause it does things like
make the lights flicker when it goes on.  Pretty powerful.

In any case, we’ve got all the alien aborted fetus monkeys you could
want, so why not come on by to:

Poker Night!

Tonight (Thursday)

“first hand at nine”
(but really, let’s all try to get here at a reasonable hour so that
Matt and I don’t have to stare at each other across the table for three
hours shuffling cards)

Somerville, MA  02144

PS:  I love everyone who gives me money.  Except those stupid kids with
their handfuls of pennies.

Ha!  At least 60% of you have no idea what I’m talking about!

Don’t forget to turn out the lights
Don’t worry babe, it’ll be alright.

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