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yup…it’s wednesday

Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 04:36:32 -0400
From: Gonj
To: poker-night
Subject: yup…it’s wednesday

Behold all ye salt of the earth….
The heavens are exploding….
The planets are aligning…
All the lights in the Green Building have been extinguished…

Oh…wait….it’s not the end of the world just the middle of another
agonizing week full of toil, tooling and temerity (sue me if I’m punchy
but I’ve been up for almost 20 hours and won’t be going to bed for at
least another 30 more)….so that must mean…


ya all know that you don’t have anything else to do (or at least that
you would mind punting for a few hours)…

As per usual, 9pm at Dangerhouse (aka XX XXXXXXXXX XX) and going until
everyone is broke, the booze is gone or the sun rises…whichever comes

0.  Frequent favorite alcohol retailer to obtain faire for the evening
(hey, we’re poor starving college kids too)
1.  Take the T to Davis
2.  As you exit the turnstiles, take a left and go out the XXXXXXX Ave Exit.
3.  Take a right as you exit the door and head up XXXXXXX Ave away from
4.  Enter Rotary of Death (aka XXXXXXXXXX Square)
5.  Take second exit going counterclockwise (the first is broadway) on
6.  Take immediate right on XXXXXXXXX.
7.  Proceed to #XX, Apt X…about halfway down on the left
8.  Rush up the stairs brandishing money and booze and get ready for a
night of gambling, drinking and revelry

god writing this beat doing that paper,

In case you don’t know why you are receiving this email it is because
you were placed on the poker-night@XXX.XXX mailing list by either
Matt, Blake, Hilda or myself…if you don’t want to get any more of
these annoying 4am rants, send mail to one of us or dangerhouse@XXX.XXX,
but be warned…can you actually find something else to do on a
Wednesday night?  (And no, tooling does not count)

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