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Missing: Giant Robot

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 13:51:20 -0400
Subject: Missing:  Giant Robot
From: blake
To: poker-night
Missing:  one giant robot

Hight:  15 meters
Colour:  silverish with blast marks of various sizes, mostly near and
on the defensive shield
Name:  Fluffy, also responds to GKR3195

Last seen on Broadway in Somerville heading west to Safety Villa last
night.  Explosions seen in the vicinity of Safety Villa make it likely
Fluffy was successful in his mission destroy the Arch Nemesis of
DangerHaus.  Fluffy probably then went on to battle other foes of
DangerHaus, including the City of Somerville Parking and Transportation
Department, the League of Corporate Wageslaves, and Crazy Mike who
Spits on You While You are Trying to Make Your way to or from Davis
Square.  Fluffy had been instructed to bring a thirty pack of PBR back
to DangerHaus this morning for Poker Night, but there has been no sign
of him and said thirty pack had to be obtained using one of
DangerHaus’s smaller robots.  Fluffy has a bad habit of sneaking out to
hit on other area giant robots, including those in the secret
underground MIT AI lab, the one that lives beneath the Longfellow
bridge, and those found at BestBuy.  Fluffy also enjoys playing “Dance
Dance Revolution” in the Stratton Student Center building.

If found, please return, along with beer, to:

“first hand at nine, even if it kills us”

Bring consumables.
Bring your cute friends.
Bring your rich friends who are bad at poker.

DangerHaus is:

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