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The Continuing Adventures of the Poker Duck

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: The Continuing Adventures of the Poker Duck
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 19:05:38 -0400

Our hero the Poker Duck finds itself in a dark and mysterious cave,
covered in an unknown goo that feels as if it might be the very stuff
of life itself.  A strange energy emanates from the goo and the poker
duck thinks for a moment that perhaps it can communicate with the goo
but then he is distracted by the warmth of the ground that throbs
beneath him.

Outside it is light and children play in the meadow.  There are cows
and other more pleasant animals enjoying the mid-day sun.  A flock of
birds passes overhead.  Deep in space the space baby quietly rocks
back and forth.  But none of this is known to the poker duck.  The
goo.  The warm, throbbing floor.  The dark.  These are things that
the poker duck knows of.  And then, a violent earth quake brings
chaos into the poker duck’s dark and gooey cave.  A violent wind
rushes in from behind and picks up the poker duck, propelling him out
of the cave and into the light.  The poker duck flies out, is
propelled right through a sheet of white insubstantial cloth like
material and begins to spiral downward.  If not for the goo which had
thoroughly covered the poker duck this may well have been the end of
our hero but the goo was still covering the poker duck except for
parts that were now adhered to clumps of white fluff near the exit of
the caves.

The poker duck feels cold.  Exposed.  Naked in the sun and the wind.
The poker duck feels the laughter of children piercing his feathery
armor .  They are laughing at the poker duck, the poker duck knows
this as well as it has known any thing.

And with this final thought the poker duck perishes, at last
suffocated by the goo which has haunted him since the beginning of
this message.  The poker duck was also murdered by the laughing
children who had made the poker duck loose its will to live.  The
poker duck had many regrets, but not one of them was not attending
poker night.  tonight.  at dangerhouse.  Dangerhouse is XX XXXXXXXXX
XX. #X in somerville, MA.

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