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happy pokernight is for the rich, beautiful, healthy, and sincear

To: poker-night
From: electroblake
Subject: happy pokernight is for the rich, beautiful, healthy, and sincear
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 19:53:12 -0400

Friendly poker-bunnies hippity hop across the green grassy fields and
frolic together all day in the warm summer sun.  Hippity hoppity
poker bunnies don’t worry about sending their young to strange
foreign places to kill other bunnies.  That’s because they don’t know
about any other places.  Their minds are pure colour fields which can
only hold up to three colours at time, in big blobby masses
reminiscent of a Mark Rothko painting.  In a word, they are quite
dumb, but very happy.  Some of the more sophisticated poker-bunnies
are able to compose thoughts in a more neoplastic form, where the
colours tend to sometimes be contained inside of thick black lines
with lots of white space are are mostly limited to primaries.

The neoplastic thinking poker-bunnies tend to form images in their
heads which make them feel rather superior in in their hippity-
hopping and frolicking techniques to the slovenly abstract
expressionist thinking poker-bunnies.  Were they able to for multiple
thoughts of the same flavour in succession with some form of causal
relationship between one Mondrian masterpiece and the next they might
have even taken to getting themselves together and expressing their
feelings of superiority to each other.  They might have even started
beating up the other poker-bunnies, which might have been fun to watch.

One sunny summer morning in the poker-bunny field a litter of poker-
bunny babies were born to a young mother poker-bunny of the abstract
expressionist camp who had been seduced by the smooth, formal
composition of a neoplastic thinking poker-bunny.  These young babes,
whose thought patterns began to form the moment the sun shone through
into their skinned over eyes, would be like no other poker-bunnies
who had come before them:  their thoughts would come to them only in
representational symbols, and there would be causality between the
formation of a new thought and the content of the old.

The symbol thinking poker-bunnies were like gods to the neoplastic
and abstract expressionism poker-bunnies.  They dug tunnels to
irrigate the carrot patches of the fields, they erected structures to
keep the poker-bunnies warm during the colder months and cool during
the warmer, and they introduced contraceptives to the poker-bunny
population, which had been facing a population crisis for decades
which had only been kept in check by the hunting wolves from the
forest who the symbol thinking poker-bunnies had killed in the
cleverest of ways (they sent messages to all of the wolves
implicating one of the other wolves of cracking wise about their
mothers–total wolf inflicted wolf carnage ensued).

Problem was the contraceptives were kind of hard to use, especially
for the regular poker-bunnies who usually didn’t even realize they
were having sex until they found themselves surrounded by babies.
Frustrated, the symbol thinking poker-bunnies castrated all of the
males of the fields.  Unfortunately, the symbol thinking poker-
bunnies were much too concerned with their careers to consider having
children of their own, so in about ten years the entire population of
poker-bunnies had perished.

Unless you count the ones at poker night.


first hand at nine.



Dangerhouse is XX XXXXXXXXX XX #X
somerville, MA  02144

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