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Castlevania Poker Night

Subject: Castlevania Poker Night Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 02:22:34 -0400 From: Matt M. Rain on Mount Fuji bitches, wealth, life buddhism sez: naught but null sum games. Come discuss eastern philosophy, von Neumann’s “Zur Theorie der Gessellshaftspiele”, and the Akira Kurisowa Guide to the Opposite Sex at The Davis Dahn Zen Yoga Healing Center. […]

gathering support

Date: Mon May 27 01:05:47 2002 To: Nadia M. From: Blake B. Subject: Re: I’m over $500 for the weekend so far!  $550, actually.  And this with threats of rain.  Part of the reason, actually.  No musicians tonight, and few jugglers.  The streets were mine!  But I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Today.  I am […]

the beginning

Date: Fri May 24 04:29:47 2002 To: Matthew L. From: Blake B. Subject: Re: Cc: Bcc: Last time I heard from Adrian and Khether was a few years ago when I had just crossed the Harvard Bridge into Cambridge and my hair was bright red and they were in an ice cream truck or somesuch […]