Guest Strip By Adam

Guest Strip By Adam

Today’s Infinity Day Weekend is a guest strip by Adam Fastman, author of Roger Owt! : In Humanity’s Future, which is a web comic you will be delighted by if you enjoy the work of such authors as Warren Ellis, Phillip K. Dick, and Harlan Ellison, and which, unlike this web comic you have somehow found yourself reading, involves a cohesive narrative, finely crafted illustrations, and a novel and intriguing picture story innovation known as “dialogue.”  Adam is also in a wonderful Sci Fi rock band called Music for Terraforming, which you can listen to directly through their web site.  I suggest going to, loading up a few songs, and then reading all of Roger Owt!

You may also note that this comic features a guest appearance by the Internet’s most famous Lawnmower Blenny, quite possibly the most famous blenny of any kind on the Internet, with at present tally a total of 12 fans on Facebook!

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