It’s like Space Octopus is having a little bulimi, but he’s just having a little inky.  This one is short because I had to go and watch this crazy film tonight hosted by the List Visual Arts Center at MIT (which I was once a member of the advisory board of) called Luminous Procuress by Steven Arnold.  Made in 1970, I explained it to Liv as being like a film that an alien would make if you forced it to watch Barbarella, A Clockwork Orange, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Debbie Does Dallas, and nothing but these films, and then gave the alien like a thousand dollars to go and make a film that humans would like.

Also then I had to go to Poker Night.  It’s a rough life, let me tell you.

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  1. Potassium says:

    quack quack QUACK 18!!!! QUACK QUACK QUACK bleh.


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