Dirt People Suck

Dirt People Suck

Seriously, dirt people, what is up?

Well gosh look at this, here we are, it has only been a couple of days since the last update, and already here there is an update for to have for you also enjoying the reading of the thing that is being updated now more than even once every week.  And by that, I mean don’t be expecting any sort of pattern to develop here but maybe try checking back on Friday.

Um and also one interesting thing about this new method is that now I have all of this numberswiki.com

processed dead plant matter stained with various inks.  So, anyone want to buy them?  Seriously.  Make me an offer.

Also, I forgot that I promised the owner of the How to Lose Weight blog that I’d thank him for discovering that this site had been hacked.  Seriously.  Not in an oh my goodness I had better not look at this site anymore or else my computer/my grandmother/I might get computer cancer but in a lame manipulate ranking algorithms by putting bogus invisible links all over the place sort of way.  So, Thank you!

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oh my goodness purchase these t-shirts quick quick quick!


  1. Allison says:

    Space Octopus is so heroic! Of course, anyone decent would risk their life to save Marm.


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