Oh hello everyone. Look, this is what happens in Space, where Space Octopus is from. Well ok I guess this is only a part of Space, which is big. Space is probably the biggest thing you can think of, it has just about everything in it. One thing that space does not have in it, however, is Heaven, which is that place that you go to when you die and you have been a good member of any number of religions.

A couple of things are going on here.  First of all, it has come to be the case that to do any sort of real drawing in Photoshop on my geriatric (i.e. four year old) laptop requires that I spend about half an hour preparing the machine more info

by saving and quitting all other open applications, which is just not a thing I am usually willing to commit to.  So, um, here is a strip done in marker and then scanned in and embellished.

Who is Marm?  Marm is the greatest.  You may know her as “The Great Marm.”

Look about this lack of updates thing:  fuck it.  What ever.  If anyone wants to give me a pile of money to pay my rent with and also like one of those nice Cintiq‘s and a computer to hook it up to then I will happily start producing a comic every day, or like four or five a week, but you know what look at this art.  So you just take what you can get.

hugs and kisses,


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