Oh hello, here is this comic that I have made. I’m getting a bit more experimental here. For this comic I used pencils and paper and the scanner and the tablet and that Photoshop program instead of doing everything from scratch in photoshop with the tablet. I kind of like the texture working off of scanned sketches lends to the final product.

The careful observer may notice a few changes around here on the Infinity Day Weekend web site. For those who may be slightly less inclined to memorize every trifling detail about a web comic site that really there is no reason anyone should be reading in the first place, let me draw your attention to that PayPal donate button just below the comic itself, on the right side of the page. That’s right, the one you can click on to funnel funds to your favourite web comics author who is also the author of this web comic so that I might pay my rent and such, or, mercy me, purchase a reasonable set of computer hardware. Yes, so that’s been there a while, but look just below it! It’s an adorable little Facebook share button! You can click on it and share whatever delightful comic you’re reading with everyone you’ve made Internet friends with on Facebook! And below that is a button you can click on to follow me on Twitter! Isn’t that just wonderful? I have also replaced the old static ads for my t’shirts with fancy new Etsy mini thingies. They work pretty much the same, but look how many there are! And finally, and perhaps most excitingly, there is an all new Infinity Day Weekend fan page on Facebook! That’s right, you can let the entire Facebook population (i.e. the world) know that you not only read this terrible web comic, but you are in fact fanatical about it. Additionally you can see a little Facebook Fan Box (that’s what they’re calling it) below this text and if you’ve got a Facebook account you can become a fan simply by clicking the “become a fan” button! You know. If that’s the sort of thing you want to do. The Facebook Fan page is a great place to complain about the comic not getting updated or like to talk smack about my artistic credibility or posit your own theories about what this web comic might actually be “about.”

I have used the word “Facebook” more in this post that I think I ever have in the rest of my life. Also, in the time it took me to write this, we’ve acquired five fans. What the hell are you people doing?

That’s all. Have a good undetermined amount of time until the next update.

**UPDATE** Special thank you to the owner of the How to Lose Weight blog for discovering this site had been hacked.

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