Oh hello. You’re probably wondering why it’s been so long since the last post. Well there are some reasons. One reason was that I ran out of all that money I’d saved up to live off of while I figured out how to make a living as an artist. So it turns out that this comic doesn’t make me any money. Maybe at the most it was making me like fifty cents a day in add revenue. So I had to go and start busking a lot to make some money. Also I got all inspired to make a painting and those oil paintings do take some time. Then I kind of got serious about my t-shirt company or as I am trying to remember to refer to it as, my fashion line. My computer’s fans stopped working twice and running Photoshop would make it overheat. And also there was this terrible land-sea-anemone invasion.

Will I keep it up? I’m going to try, but the financial situation is pretty dire. If you like this comic, you should consider hitting that “donate” button, or buy one of my t-shirts (or buy several).

See you all in the future.

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