Old Solutions For New Problems

Old Solutions For New Problems

Here is an important and useful tip for common situations ordinary people face in their every-day lives: When a god or person/creature/energy being transports you from mythical type strange lands back into your own comfortable home that has a fully stocked bar, it is polite to offer the god a drink if you yourself are going to have one.

Space octopuses will generally always be happy to consume your alcohol.

Speaking of alcohol consumption: Here is some information about my personal life that I am going to share with you, internet audience: A friend of mine and I decided way way back on like the 28th of March to deny ourselves alcohol in all of its wonderful forms for one full month. We do this for science. So far it has been pretty good, you know, all the fame and fortune from like winning all those prizes and being so great at doing all the things that I’ve been doing, but goodness a gin and tonic sounds nice right about now.

I’m drinking a glass of tonic.

With lemon.

Somehow it’s better with lemon when gin is not involved.

I’ve been averaging probably 15 – 20 ounces of 365 brand tonic water (the kind they sell at Whole Foods in the purple can, made with cane sugar not corn syrup, which makes it great).

And that is a true story from my actual life. Something like a week to go. Hope I finish the cold fusion machine by then.

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. w.e.b. says:

    your new space deity millennial lady looks kinda like a certain ex-dangerhaus resident, MIT ’03, presently married…yes?

  2. blake says:

    I’m not certain who you are talking about. And anyway, any resemblance of characters in this comic to Real People is purely coincidental.


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