In The Eyes Of Nature

In The Eyes Of Nature

All right it has been an exciting week here at the home office! We’ve got some I hate robot shirts going up on the Etsy store soon. I tried printing some more Towers Bug shirts but those old screens have seen better days. I made them back in like the year two-thousand and really it is time to make new ones. One little problem is that I don’t seem to have the original artwork file anymore so I’m going to have to start from scratch, but it’s not all bad because I have this idea that the shirt would look better if the image were larger! Wouldn’t it?

Also I was looking through an old sketch book this afternoon and found a page where I had jotted down “Drop Acid not Babies” and I remembered that that was like another shirt that I had wanted to make several years ago and so I sketched out some designs. Here is my favourite so far:
Drop Acid not Babies

Still plenty of Hipsters shirts. Get them before they’re trendy!

New Readers: This is a good place to start

oh my goodness purchase these t-shirts quick quick quick!

Discussion (3)¬

  1. d e mcanulty says:

    i remember thinking that when I was a freshman, i think i painted it on the wall of first east, i wonder if it was that same phrase or a little different. i’ll have to look!

  2. blake says:

    Dan your comment took me three reads to parse. Also, do you mean “In the eyes of nature,” or “drop babies not acid?”

  3. d e mcanulty says:

    haha, babies. hilda is hanging out this weekend, going to go pick her and becca up and go visit meena and christine r.


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