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Oh good a space octopus. It’ll probably know what to do next.

I have finally broken down and signed up on a couple of the so-called social networking systems. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there you will find that I have added a couple of what they are calling “badges” like in the cub scouts. I have earned my facebook badge and my twitter badge. If you want to be my internet friend on the book of face then we can have all sorts of exciting twenty first century human interactions such as I can announce to you when there are new t-shirts in my Etsy store, announce when new comics go up, and generally abuse our twenty first century human relationship by using it for nothing more than blatant advertising for the things that I produce. Also there is the twitter stream. It will be basically the same. I’m pretty sure. It’ll be great.

And now I am going to spend the rest of the day being sick in the throat and nose areas and also producing content for Voo Doo, the “MIT” “Journal” of “Humor.”

New Readers: This is a good place to start

oh my goodness purchase these t-shirts quick quick quick!

Discussion (4)¬

  1. adam says:

    space octopuses are always going to get you on a technicality

  2. Anonymous says:

    you know what? blake in the comics is really starting to look just like blake in the regular universe

  3. blake says:

    Same with the space octopus.

  4. w.e.b. says:

    wow, i like what you’ve done with the new style!

    if i make it to cambridge this week (i have airline tickets, but also a tonsilitis doom plague), i will want to procure t-shirts from you. (if i don’t make it, i suppose i will internet these things.)

    i would sure love a space octopus shirt. and little space octopus plushies, so i can have a herd of them following me around, too. i think you are on to something with the space octopi. :)


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