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I spent all weekend at the Transcultural ExchangeInternational Conference on Opportunities in the Arts and now I’m all excited to apply for international residency programs.

For those in the invisible Internet audience who might be interested in such things, there is a very good web site run by an organization called Trans Artists which has information on I’m going to say a ton because I’m not sure if it’s hundreds or thousands of artist in residency programs around the world, including useful stats like when and how to apply, what is included in the residency (room, board, stipend?) and what you are expected to provide yourself (room, board, cash?) which I learned about in two presentations I was lucky enough to attend by Yeb Wiersma who will probably never see this because she neglected to take the card I gave her with her when she left the presentation (nerves, I’m sure) but who was perfectly lovely otherwise.

I also learned about another site called Mira’s List run by Mira Bartok who gave a great, completely verbal (no Power Point!) presentation on finding funding, in the form of grants and such. Mira’s List is a blog about grant opportunities and related information and news.

I was a volunteer at the conference. I had the pleasure of connecting laptops to projectors and helping presenters get their images on the screen. I also scanned 98 images for a presentation I didn’t even end up getting to see. It was very educational, and I’d like to thank Mary Sherman, who runs Transcultural Exchange, for organizing the conference and for inviting me to help out.

Finally. I haven’t sold any shirts yet. If any of you in the invisible Internet audience thought about buying a shirt, and then decided not to, I’d really appreciate it if you could drop me a note as to why. I have an idea that it is that nobody wants to be the very first person to buy something from the Etsy store, which annoyingly displays the fact that I have zero sales under my belt. Thanks! You can email

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Blake thank you for making the conference as fabulous as people tell me it was. :)


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