A New Career In A New Town

A New Career In A New Town

Now that’s not very fair. The only thing about the French gin and tonic is that they tend to use a wedge of lemon instead of a wedge of lime. It’s a matter of taste, I suppose. The Icelandic people, however, have no idea what to do with gin. The one gin and tonic that I ordered while I was in Iceland came out of a cocktail shaker. Most of it came out before the bartender was done shaking it. She played it off real cool, though, like that’s just what happens.

My guess is that the lizard people actually eat towers bugs, so these two probably did them all a favour by opening up this unearthly gateway to the realm of towers bugs.

In other news, today we let the ducklings go swimming. Their pool is a plastic paint roller tray, because it has a shallow end and a deep end:

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  1. irene says:

    oh my gosh yes – the worst martini i’ve ever had was in the reykjavik airport. 5 parts vermouth, 1 part gin. enough said.


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