You Don’t Know Ducks

You Don’t Know Ducks

Ooh! I wonder which one of them has been to the cursed duck pond before? And what are they going to do about that ever growing towers-bug spewing gaping hole in the crust of the earth? I hope they aren’t just going to walk away and ignore it, assuming that some park ranger or mounted officer will stumble upon it and call up the government with exciting news about a new landfill opportunity.

In other exciting duck news, in a parallel time line I am getting ducks in the mail on Thursday or Friday. I imagine they will be packed in a basket with some of that transparent green cellophane grass.

Let’s see, a good place to start reading is here: Gonna Get Chubby from February 5th

Basically Skinny Blake and some alternately costumed Space Leslie apparently sans talking boots have somehow ended up on the planet that is actually full of bugs, under the crust or surface of the planet, apparently. That is why when you shoot a giant version of the bug which has, I guess, gotten big enough to eat its way up through the planet’s crust and its dirt melting lava gut matter start leaking out and burn a hole all these smaller bugs come out. It’s like when you get like a bean bag chair, and you replace all the beans with wasps, and then you pick up the bean bag chair, now more like a wasp bag chair, and you throw it against the wall several times, and then you cut a larger than wasp sized hole in the chair, or use some kind of chemical that burns through fake leather shot from a distance onto the chair in order to create a hole, wasps start to come out of the bag.

New Readers: This is a good place to start

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. d e mcanulty says:

    that duck feeding revelation was totally off the hook! (i’m using that right, right?) i hope your ducks will be happy and well fed.

  2. adam says:

    maybe the planet is a giant bug egg

  3. lesliedcd says:

    I’m excited beyond words about the duckling arrival–imagine their tiny little beaks! and tiny little quacking sounds!


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