Fatty Is Tired

Fatty Is Tired

I think squid face might be up to something.

Also, now you know why cephalopods only come out of the water when everyone is asleep.  It’s because they look pretty stupid on land.

And by the way, you know what is a fun thing to do?  Drawing cephalopod arms holding things is a fun thing to do.

For those of you who are just now joining us, the story so far:  Mild mannered artist, clownfish breeder, and struggling internet comic author Blake Brasher woke up one morning finding it difficult to breath.  He decided that he should probably quit smoking.  Over the next week whenever Blake wanted a cigarette, instead of indulging his addiction he would treat himself to a bacon cheeseburger, or like a three egg omlette with ham and cheese in it fried in bacon fat, or seven gin and tonics.  Blake ate so much that he got chubby.  Chubby Blake grew to enormous proportions, and began rampaging through the city.  When he had consumed all the Bombay Sapphire in Boston, Chubby Blake headed out to sea to battle the Giant Squid.

Meanwhile, in space, Space Leslie, commander of Rocketship Towers watches as the situation unfolds, much to the delight of her talking red space galoshes of the future.  Has she somehow pitted the Giant Squid and Chubby Blake against each other?

After defeating Chubby Blake in hand to sucker combat, Squid Face revives a washed up Chubby Blake with warm Bombay Sapphire martinis.  Apparently Squid Face doens’t have access to a freezer.

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    I wonder, did giant squi slip you a roofy? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Oh noes!


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