But Did He Remember Ice

But Did He Remember Ice

I’m thinking two arms unaccounted for:  ice and lemon peel.  Looks like chubby Blake made a new friend.

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Discussion (9)¬

  1. lesliedcd says:

    oh! I hope that chubby Blake will be ok!

  2. hlg says:

    oh dear! oh no!

  3. L. Nichols says:

    HA! That’s really great.

    Also, if he’s not getting ice & lemon peel with his two legs, he could just be using them to hoist himself out of the water a bit.

  4. w.e.b. says:

    actually, as a giant squid, he’s secretly got *4* arms left under the water…what sort of deviousness is he plotting after producing the ice and lemon peel? (*gasp*!)

  5. blake says:

    Well, two arms and two tentacles. The arms are used for like walking around, fighting sperm whales, signaling other squid, that sort of thing, and are lined with suckers on one side. The tentacles are mostly just used for capturing prey, and are usually kept rather hidden. I don’t think they have any suckers, but they do have some way of being sticky. When Yoshimi the cuttlefish went after food she would shoot her feeding tentacles out a remarkable distance, like over two body lengths, and pull them back to her mouth with the food attached, and afterwards you wouldn’t even be able to see them.

  6. zpiece says:

    (the feeding tentacles do have suckers, but just in the little pads by the ends. :) )

  7. zpiece says:

    also, this is my favorite one so far.

    i want to have a martini with a giant squid buddy!

  8. blake says:

    She should know, she’s a squid biologist.

  9. roombaleader says:

    Seems like hiring that squid to deal with Blake was a pretty good idea after all.


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