Freezer Clownfish

Freezer Clownfish

Today’s comic requires a colour monitor for proper viewing.  If you do not have one of these, please find a friend or relative who does and get them to let you look at this comic on it.

Today I sold 25 clownfish to Sea Creatures in Revere.  While I was bagging them I pulled one out of the tank with this gill cover deformity.  They can’t be sold with defects like that, and he was getting big enough that he was starting to beat up some of the smaller clownfish.  So, into the freezer he went.  When I got back from the store the container I had put him in was a solid block of ice.

Putting live babies in the freezer is the worst part of breeding clownfish.

In other fish news, Sea Creatures has a pair of mated tomato clownfish which had a nest.  They were not planning on trying to raise the babies, so they gave the eggs to me!  Should hatch maybe tomorrow night.  Exciting!

Update 1: Some of the tomato clownfish hatched last night!  I’ve moved them and the remaining unhatched eggs into their own tank.  Only a couple dozen hatched, there are still a few hundered unhatched eggs which I expect will hatch tonight.

Update 2: Did you have to put any clownfish in the freezer today, Blake?  Yes.  Yes I did.

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. L. Nichols says:

    i’m excited about those tomato clownfish!!

  2. leslie says:

    oh wow it’s in color! and the poor freezer-clownfish is so confused about its fate
    I love this one

  3. w.e.b. says:

    ohhhh…why do you have to freeze them? is it always gill things, or is it sometimes other things?

    i remember the mutant black and white clownfish from boston tropical (and then towers). he wasn’t frozen. i liked him.

  4. blake says:

    It’s mostly the gill thing, though one of the babies I put in the freezer today just had sort of a squished in pug face with eyes that were kind of unevenly placed.

    Stores generally won’t take malformed fish, especially fish as common as False Perculas. If I keep them indefinitely it means I have less tank space for raising more babies, which means I have to let more hatchlings get eaten. Also, when they get bigger they get more aggressive and beat up on the other babies.

    The freezer is supposed to be a pretty humane way to euthanize fish. Since they are cold blooded their metabolisms just slow down and they go to sleep. It’s not clear to me that they even have the capacity to sense cold. Once they have died I take them out of the freezer, let the ice melt, and flush them.

    If you would like an army of deformed clownfish I’d be happy to give them to you instead of putting them in the freezer.

  5. w.e.b. says:

    oh my god, i wish i had a salt tank – just to have an army of malformed clownfish. *especially* a squished in pug faced clownfish with weird eyes. seriously.

    next time you get such a creature, let me know – and then save it for me? following such a notification, i will figure out how to set up a small reef tank and bring the mutant faced fishlet back to CA the next time i visit….


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