Downtown Reykjavik

Downtown Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a coy mistress.  There are all these wonderful restaurants and bars and coffeehouses and shops, but most of the time none of them are open.  I am told this is at least partially due to their recent economic collapse.  You see, it used to be that the restaurants and such would all close at seven or eight, then everyone would go home and start drinking, getting themselves well on their way to plastered before heading out to the bars, which opened at ten or eleven.  Now people spend more time drinking at home because it is cheaper, so all the restaurants close at seven and the bars don’t open until midnight or one.  Also, no stores are open on Sunday, and on most days coffeehouses don’t open until ten or so, and stores don’t open until one.

I must say I had a wonderful time in Iceland though, despite not being able to eat when I wanted to.  It’s beautiful out there, and the weather was pleasant.  Nicer than the weather in Boston.  It was cold, and it snowed a lot, but it was moist, and there wasn’t a lot of wind.  I would like to go back next year.

Updates to this site did not happen while I was away because I am terrible at planning for overseas travel and forgot that American electrical plugs do not fit into European style outlets, thus all I had to work with was about two hours of battery life on my laptop, half of wich was squandered surfing the web at a coffeehouse before realizing I had no way to recharge.  Daily updates should resume presently.

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  1. L. Nichols says:

    I really like the layout of this with the two bookend-y panels at different times with things being closed both times. Great effect.


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