A funny thing happened to me today.  Aside from the whole kitchen sink being all clogged up with the wax of the bee.  I looked in a mirror and realized that my jaw is a lot more square than I think I’ve been drawing it so far.  So maybe this is better?  Also, I’ve got to stop wearing so many stripy shirts if I’m going to continue to try to portray what I have actually been wearing.  The problem is that it is cold, and the only warm sweater I have is a stripy one (featured in the beginning of this strip) and my even warmer hoodie is also a-strip-ed.

You people are probably going to think that my life must be pretty boring if all I have to write comics about is my stupid clogged up sink.  The problem is these take a while to make and making a comic about the alien space robots from the future that kidnapped me and took me to the center of the sun to battle the squid dragons of planet Knife Gun and how I escaped is going to take a while.

Also, can anyone think of any good reason a rational human being would melt block of beeswax and pour it down their kitchen sink?  I still have not gotten an explanation.

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  1. L. Nichols says:

    Oh man!! That sucks!!
    Also, I really enjoy reading your comics.


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